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Circle line party

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Circle line party

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Description[ edit ] Although the time and place of these parties is planned, the event itself occurs spontaneously, as each participant decides for themselves what sort of revelry, costume, decorations, snacks, libations and guests to bring to the party. The participants decorate the carriages festively, and play music, either live or circle line party portable sound systems, disguised to appear as normal luggage. Other activities include setting up pole-dancing poles on the trains. Free drinks, snacks and sweets are provided, often being provided from well-stocked portable bars and snack tables, which disappear as the train arrives at the station.

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Facebook tube party that ended in drunken riot was organised by city banker | daily mail online

With the ban on booze on the tubes, we decided to theme the CLP a Prohibition-style event. To commemorate the event, a Circle Line party was held on the evening of May The line was suspended after several trains were damaged during the party, and a of London Underground staff and police officers were assaulted. This, cirrcle circle line party a very very last minute non-whites of eyes mail-out meant we had a very respectable of revellers.

London Revelers Plan Last Cocktail Party Before Tube Booze Ban By Brian Lysaght May 30 (Bloomberg) -- Revelers circle line party planning a final. By We rushed fircle of the platform and began to make our way up the stairs as the Police came charging down them. Once on the train the dull interior was quickly transformed with lighting effects, balloons and posters over the.

Circle line party

Because Circle Line trains travel in part continuous loop, a party once begun on a train. Picture sent in by Jamillah Knowles. Some wore fancy dress, others were waving bottles of beer and wine. The participants decorate the carriages festively, and play music, either live or on portable sound systems, disguised to appear as normal luggage. To all those who raved it up on the tube!!!

Amongst the commuters an ever growing of people with 20's style head dresses, slick pinstripe suits and a of large cases began to mingle. Although for many revellers, the word 'party' is motivation circle line party, there was a more lne reason for the party - and that was all about changing people's perception about tube travelling and showing how the space could be used in an alternative circle line party.

As usual by the time of our second lap the switching off of the stereo was getting a little slacker, and "acting normal" in the stations was getting a little less well acted.

Urban dictionary: circle line party

As we'd hoped the idea would catch, alas they didn't all read the rules. Hundreds packed onto the first 'party train', but as it left, the tannoy announced 'This is a security alert. YOUR PICTURE GALLERY IS NOW LOADING Photo: Andrew Crowe.

We were ed by more agents and the game was back on. Rory O'Sullivan and his friend started to party while waiting for the train at the platform. They even took their empties with them, in binbags.

Circle line party 5 - the secret party

Seventeen people were arrested due to disorderly behaviour and six tube stations were closed as they became overcrowded. So we thought why not hold a social, hold an event on our tube where people feel encouraged to chat, encouraged to share drinks and encouraged to have a little dance. Mr Graham and his co-organiser, circle line party executive Ian Rawlings, 23, claimed yesterday that their group was the smallest involved. Alas as the train pulled into Kings Cross tragedy struck.

Jumping on a bus to Farringdon, we resisted the temptation to inaugurate a routemaster party, after a quick toilet break in some ghastly weatherspoons pub they are good for something we were back on the platform and awaiting our next chariot. Getting intimate with squished up close body parts, but not knowing circlr others names. At least two circle line party emerge from the violence and vandalism. Mr Graham, the son of a Cambridge University college porter, who grew cicle in Saffron Walden, Essex, said the idea came from a dislike of Mr Johnson, but admitted it was also about getting drunk.

Your pictures: Circle Line Party. A spokesman for Cidcle for London said last night: 'We will not tolerate pargy abuse of our staff, verbal, physical or otherwise. We reconvened outside and decided that this could not be the end of the night.

Circle line party - wikipedia

Within seconds of the doors closing and the train pulling into the tunnel, the hijacker crew had leapt into action. The spotlight fell on Mr Graham after a picture appeared on the internet showing him on an Underground train, wearing a dinner jacket and red bow-tie and brandishing a bottle of champagne.

People had party hats on. The timing of CLP's is very important, if you have them too early, people are still trying to get home, too late and everyone is already trashed. A party held on a train serving the Circle Line on the London Underground. The Cider Provider As soon as the train left the kine, coats were taken off, suits were removed and the party costumes came out, circle line party daft outfits and bright red wigs in abundance.

We never saw any of the violence later on or had anything to do with it. Share It also emerged that internet groups behind Saturday's chaotic scenes are planning more such 'events'.

Our quiet, well behaved group see rule 1 above began to smell a rat. Beep, beep, beep, the doors closed, the train pulled out of the platform and a cheer went up from Hijackers and commuters alike.

Facebook tube party that ended in drunken riot was organised by city banker

Armed with natty costumes, gin in teapots, appropriate tunes and a tube-themed pole for dancing ahem we were ready! A string of Facebook groups were involved in the mass 'drink-in' in the final hours before London Mayor Boris Johnson's ban on alcohol on public transport came into force.

Andrew Crowe. The plan quickly received media attention and was mentioned in several newspapers.

Your pictures: circle line party

Once on the underground Andrew Crowe and his friends began to enjoy the party. A mark of Pride!!! Things get out of hand as drunken travellers create chaos across the network One man was spotted on his knees with a tube in his mouth into which another reveller lin pouring lager.

Parties have typically included drinking, playing music and pole dancing.