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Fun things to do while high

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Fun things to do while high

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The top 40 fun things to do while high | - honest marijuana

Grab that camera and and take a little road trip and snap some pictures. In addition to the list of activities, there are a host of great hobbies and ventures dk are enhanced with cannabis. And what about the people in the rest of the country? Have a Stoner Movie Marathon. Creative Whkle When its time to sit down and think about how that new garden will look or how you should redecorate the living room it's often nice to do so with a t in hand. I find that while high I prefer nonfiction to fiction.

42 fun things to do while high & stoned - the ultimate activity list!

Taking a hot bath on any regular day is the ultimate relaxation activity. Things to Watch While High Alone Cinema and television alike are filled to capacity with things to watch while high.

Metaphorically speaking, of course. Visit an art gallery, museum or thints. Get crafty Creativity is a bi-product of the brain while on cannabis. Take advantage of this new-found awareness to take a hot shower. Article 7.

The top 40 fun things to do while high |

Books- This can be tricky but rewarding. Of course, that only works if someone else is there with you. Crayons, Colored Pencils or Markers, whichever your preference, grab a fun and color it up! Playing video games while stoned can be a ton of fun.

5 fun things to do while you're high | kushfly

Wrap up in a warm, fuzzy blanket, turn on the TV or plug in your headphones, and chill out to the max. There are lo of different things to do with friends while high outdoors. It can be as simple as finding a nearby park and going for a little walk.

For some, the right amount of bud can put them in the zone. But a conversation that goes all around the world can be fun and therapeutic. If you've heavily medicated yourself, with some edibles or a massive hit from a dab rigthen there is a more limited list htings options. Because of hkgh shift in thinking and perspective that happens while you're high, the art you produce is usually different than what you would typically create.

5 fun things to do while you’re high

Marijuana Related Board Games There are lots of pot-related board games out there that will make a perfect accompaniment that might help you make the most of your gathering. Play Frisbee at a park. Check out a Spotify playlist of a genre of music that you like, but with new and unique artists, and see what you can discover. Why not try: Juggling balls, boys and girls, nothing sharp or breakable Touch typing.

Play Marijuana Games Marijuana games are truly a great way to bring people together. I further declare under penalty of perjury that I am a medical cannabis patient and will not divert ddo medicine for non-medical use or for use by a non-member. If you live in Denver, you might think about hitting the slopes or going on a scenic mountain hike.

Maybe you're about to smoke and want to make the most of it. Exercise- If you don't prefer rules and teams involved in your physical activity then many forms of exercise can be made better when you stoned.

The best things to do while stoned

Scroll through your favorite streaming service, pick a show — any show — press play, and off you go. Your neighborhood will never look the same again. Article 4.

Video Games- The stereotype of the pothead who sits around and just plays Nintendo is a thing of the past. Dancing the Viennese Waltz or biking in traffic should probably be left for another time. Who knows?

Making something from scratch can be rewarding, plus you get to pig out after. Board games- Traditional games like Clue or Scrabble can take on a new light when with the aid of weed.

31+ best things to do while high & stoned - puff pass and paint

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If you're at a recreational dose, then your options are broader. While the Collective takes every reasonable precaution thingx assure the quality, purity and effectiveness of the medical cannabis, the Collective makes no warranties or representations as to the quality, purity and effectiveness of the medical cannabis. Here are ten games that you really should try.

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