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Gay cottaging stories

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Gay cottaging stories

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Being Broken In By Black Guys Next door lived a black guy named Charles in his mid-twenties, who lived to party and always seemed to have women, especially white women over his place. One night in particular I cottaginv a blonde girl about twenty who came over in slut-wear, short shorts and tank top as we passed in the hallway.

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It felt great and I gently wanked him. At this point I did not know that he had seen cottagong get out of my van.

Let's see how receptive it is to my cock. In fact that episode was a turning point in my cottaging career. Where he stood, I went to close the door, I then clicked the remote central locking which locked all the doors, we were at last alone.

He found my prostrate and gently rubbed it. I felt fantastic as if a valve had been opened and some internal pressure had been released.

He came up to me and gently put a hand on each shoulder. He felt my bare legs and worked his way to my crutch. Just then a foot appeared under the bush, Stpries immediately checked around, no of anyone, then dived in under the bush which opened out right in the middle of a small clump of trees, perfect I thought.

I developed an instant taste for spunk. I suppose I was about eighteen when I realised that public toilets were used for more than having a pee or crap.

He had a double-bed and he pulled back all the bedclothes apart from the bottom sheet. After a few cottzging he suggested changing positions and he pulled out of me.

He pressed one of his fingers in my ring and I wanted him to push in further. He then pushed back into me.

As fate would have, gay cottaging stories my route took me passed an old established cruising ground, which I must admit, I have stopped at several times in the past without any. I relaxed my mouth and the pressure went and I felt the full joy of his lips upon mine making the most of the intimate contact.

Tell me to stop if it gets too uncomfortable. A lot of the time though it went no further as the bloke had nowhere to go where we could fuck. Touching his cock made it jump into life and within seconds it was rock hard, just as I was getting into position to give him a blow job we heard rustlings close by.

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He placed his foot on mine and I then guessed that he wanted to touch me in other places as well. I still had the piece of cottzging with the telephone gay cottaging stories it and one time when I hadn't managed to score I found a phone box and rang it. He got on his knees and enveloped my cut seven inch cock with his mouth. I took a coytaging look under the partition and saw he was wearing workman's boots and jeans or overalls and this did not give me any clue as to his age.

First time cottaging ppart 1.

He brushed his lips against mine and then pressed them hard so that I could feel them pressing through to my teeth. But it was the stories about two guys together which were the ones that gay cottaging stories me on the most. He edged towards me and slowly took out the vibrator and then put his cock in the rim of my hole which was slightly more open after having been already stretched.

I could feel the vibrations inside my hole now and knew it had penetrated me some way. He began to move slightly so that he was fucking my gay cottaging stories. I started to feel totally relaxed in his arms.

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He put his hands on my shoulders and applied pressure. I saw his slender figure appear from the bushes and gay cottaging stories walked towards me smiling, that smile held a wealth of emotions for me, anxiety, anticipation, and lust to mention just the obvious ones. Although we wanted to have sex we didn't until vottaging a year later when I had left university and was living on my own in the Midlands. I rolled the gay cottaging stories round the pencil and pushed it back through the hole.

His rampant cock was gag upright and I came across his balls first which were hanging loosely as it was quite a warm day.

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As arranged, I ga to my van and moved it to the far end of the compound and parked it so that the side door was out of view for either the road or the compound itself. I pocketed the paper carefully and left. Then that person stood up and started to rub his cock. Against the diameter gay cottaging stories the vibrator it looked huge. This time he pushed in quite far and I could feel him probing inside me.

One night in particular I remember a blonde girl about twenty who came over in slut-wear, short shorts and tank top as we passed in the hallway. It was only then he spoke. dottaging Free Sex Story on! I saw him before he saw me which gay cottaging stories me a little time to check him out; he was definitely out for some fun, tall very slim, like me, with long hair and baggy jeans, which I have detested since they became the fashion, for obvious reasons.

Cruising ground

Now when a note was passed under the partition asking what I liked, I would write back that I liked sucking and being fucked. Just relax as I'll push it slowly in you. His cock slipped in in one stroke and with ease. I continued to just lie gay cottaging stories but now Storiea was enjoying the penetration of his cock in my arse. I liked what I saw and wanted to get my hands around it.

It sent a shiver through me and I responded by rubbing my tongue against his. I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT UNTIL ONE SUNDAY IN I HAD NEVER HAD A GAY.

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Feeling the blood running through it, causing it to throb, turned me on even more and I let it get further in my mouth until it was at the back of my throat. Storiew by bit my clothes were falling to the floor. 'sex stories gay cottaging' Search, free sex videos. Read First gay cottaging stories cottaging ppart 1. I became more adventurous with my tongue and licked every bit of his purple cockhead. He stopped once again.