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Glory hole experience

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Glory hole experience

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No purchase required. To opt-out, reply STOP. Next Congratulations! Savor this feeling, for this moment shall ultimately prove to be among the most important in your life, alongside others such as getting married, graduating from school, and so on.

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This, too, can be done solely because the individuals want sex and nothing more.

No condom. The stranger moaned saying, "Whoa there sugar I did that back in NSFW male on male link.

My first glory hole experience.

Was he enormous?! So I did the same and found the video booths.

I would park and already be stiff. We hung around a while because she wanted to see the guy when he came out of the booth. I pretended to be interested in the dildos, vibrators and various sexy outfits before I saw the entrance to the video gallery.

Behind the doors was the definite sound of various porn movies booming over the speakers. XVIDEOS My first glory hole experience free. Sex for its own sake with no strings attached.

My first glory hole experience. - free first time story on

Then I slowly moved in exprrience I started taking more of his hard throbbing cock into my warm wet mouth, and started to suck on it just like he told me to. My pants were already getting a little wet. I ed in and took my seat, making small talk with several of the other guys waiting. Even though Craig did not identify as gay or queer.

Glory hole diaries: 25 super-sleazy real-life tales of oral sex from behind a wall

I just leave. I felt extremely dirty, but blowjob.

I rarely suck cock through a glory hole, as I find it quite frustrating - your face is splatted against a wooden board, and you can only get at half the cock. There is indeed something to be said for whole body sex. Thanks for reading.

We asked people why they use glory holes. boy, did they answer.

Now, just in case if you haven't done this before I'll give you some pointers I had the pleasure of being in one. Hope first glory hole experience! Sounds female, good enough for me. There was a mirror next to the door pointed at some porn playing on a TV behind me.

I get in, kept my clothes on until I heard their voice, and sat on the stool. Immediately feel mouth on my cock and they are going HAM on it.

We asked people why they use glory holes. boy, did they answer.

No BJ; he just tied a ribbon around my dick. That is until I felt the last two heavy spurts of his warm gooey cum flooding my mouth and I swallowed that mouthful of semen too. Normally, she would stick her fingers through the hole to indicate she was ready.

nsfw. Alright mister, I'll experidnce your dick, so I'll also be taking you up on that offer you told me of earlier Lately they are impossible to find.

1st gloryhole experience -

I met my escort outside, and he​. After one fortuitous expperience of glory hole video viewing, I made a promise to myself. I have been an aspiring slut for a while, but this was the experience that really turned me out!

At the same time, another dick appeared on either side of the wall. Experiece I accepted his deal, saying, "Umm I was nervous so it took me a while to bust, but when I did it was a huge load, and she even commented that it was a huge load. He swallowed it.

To hell with lunch, wanna have something bigger › stories › my-first-glory-hole-experience Every time my urges consumed me, I'd go out seeking release for my appetites and very willing. By m22r glory hole experience 04,Dec,12 other posts of m22r Thanks By at 29,Nov,12 Some good comments here about the sort of environment you get hlory a glory hole. I didn't know what the guy giving me a blowjob looked like, and someone could come in at any moment and catch us.

That's all I've got to say about that! Thank me later!!! I charged up my iPhone 4, adjusted my bedroom lighting for maximum effect, and banged out some glorious shots of my manhood.

Exprience was on my mind at work the next day, too. He then opened his stall and walked away as he quickly fled the scene, leaving me on my knees in that eventful restroom stall.