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Im wicked and im lazy

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Im wicked and im lazy

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Very clever stuff!

That's the difference between the extremities of post-war austerity measures and the swinging sixties, between Thatcher and Blair, between Graham Norton and Daniel Radcliffe. I'm embarrassed by the way Byrne intones every single word of the fucking thing with the kind of knowing smirk only a man who resides in the upper echelon of contemporary culture and thus is able to demand sacks and sacks and sacks of cash for tossing off any old bollocks can.

The internet lets us see the cultural landscapes we thought had receded jm the horizon again, in grainy p glory. But you can't, so you learn to accept them and re-open them and there you are, stood in the midday sun, singing along to "Lazy" by X-Press 2, without a care in the world.

X-press 2 & david byrne - lazy

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Not wanting to stand up and collect his toast, eggs and coffee and continuing to have no luck stretching for them, he grabs the Snickers and starts eating it. A lot, obviously, happens in the span of 15 years. The song has drifted through my head for the best part of those 15 years, stumbling around my inner sanctum like Banquo at the feast, arriving at moments when I thought I'd rid myself of the thing.

David byrne - lazy lyrics | metrolyrics

He uses another robotic arm to pick up the phone and hold it to his ear so that he can call someone. Users are reminded that they are fully responsible for their own created content and their own posts, comments and submissions and fully and effectively warrant and indemnify Journal Media in relation to such content and their ability to make im wicked and im lazy content, posts, comments and submissions available.

He also leans back and has a shower wash his hair automatically, after which it is dried by a hair dryer and combed.

Abject disgust, the kind we'd feel upon viewing the aftermath of an industrial accident or being forced to attend an Adam Sandler marathon, for example. In the case of "Lazy," this isn't quite true: it turns out that, yep, it is the song that's horrible, not just the person you were when it came out. Then the video shows a transparent pipe in the toilet, with what appears to be urine flowing through it; the camera follows the pipe all the way back to the man, who is urinating into it while sitting on a sofa.

I'm lazy qicked I'm lovin', I'm lazy when Im wicked and im lazy play Wickked lazy with my girlfriend a thousand times a day I'm lazy when I'm speaking, I'm lazy when I walk I'm lazy when I'm dancin' and I'm lazy when I talk I open up my mouth, air comes rushin' out Nothin', doin' nadda, never, how you like me now? Usually any note of embarrassment, any mild tang of shame, is the result of painful memorial retrieval—a self-inflicted attack on the self that sees you scratching away at emotional scabs which had healed into a surface invisibility.

I'm lazy as a man can be!

Lazy and OK with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Looking to his right, he sees a half-eaten Snickers which is covered in dust.

15 years on and “lazy” by x-press 2 still makes me feel a bit queasy

I vacillate between disgust and downright pleasure, like one of those blokes who really, really, really loves offal. 16 pictures that only incredibly lazy people will appreciate. If there's any song that I can think of which fills my entire body with actual, acute, physical embarrassment it is "Lazy" by X-Press 2 and David Byrne. There are, however, a few emotions that music rarely produces within us.

Tweet Snap One of the most strange and wonderful things about music as an artform is the ability it has to transport us to genuine emotional sites and states.

News images provided by Press Association and Photocall Ireland unless otherwise stated. Thanks to ij Steve Wright show on BBC Radio 2, a journey to Carpetright can be like navigating a particularly densely packed emotional minefield. Journal Media does not control and is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Until you realise that you'll remember this moment in 15 years time, obviously.

Share Tweet. The man then presses a button which activates a remote-controlled car or "robot", as it is referred to in the video.

Lazy (x-press 2 song) - wikipedia

No one, as far as I know, has ever listened to a record and felt the same kind of stress that accompanies sending an unpleasant text to the wrong person. As it collects his breakfast, he lies on his side and begins watching TV, but can't im wicked and im lazy anything on that is worth watching, so he pulls another lever which is labelled "Video"; this in a robotic arm pushing a video labelled "X-Press 2" into the VCR. But what I'm mainly embarrassed by is that fact that for all my objections to it, I like the song.

You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at www.

Lazy (x-press 2 song)

Wouldn't it be mad, wouldn't it be fine Lazy, lucky lady, dancin', lovin' all the time Im wicked and im lazy wicked and I'm lazy Ooooh, don't you wanna save me Some folks they got money an' some folks lives are sweet Some folks make decisions an' some folks clean the streets, now Imagine lwzy it feels like, imagine how it sounds Imagine life is perfect an' everything works out No tears are fallin' from my eyes I'm keepin' all the pain inside Now don't you wanna live with me?

The adverts of our E -addled youth are there to watch, as are the news reports of all the major global incidents we were too young to be fully cognisant of.

I'm embarrassed, too, by the the fact that the whole thing sounds like something you'd hear on an advert for a new dishwasher; im wicked and im lazy and whooshing, a crystal-clear work surface that's never been worked on of a record, an anodyne object that seemingly has no reason to exist. I'd done it again; I'd clicked myself into oblivion and here I was watching a video of a chubby man-child lolling about on his sofa, his life made hilariously difficult by the contraptions he'd had installed to enable his laziness.

Wouldn`t it be mad, wouldn`t it be fine Lazy, lucky lady, dancin`, lovin` all the time I-I-I-I`m wicked and I`m lazy Ooooh, don`t you wanna save me Some folks they. Music shuttles us through time and space, depositing us at the places we'd do well to forget just as readily as it does to the ones that'll have us smiling into the ether as we draw our last sickened breath in a Catford bedsit.

15 years on and “lazy” by x-press 2 still makes me feel a bit queasy

It features an extremely lazy man played by American actor Bob Stephenson who has created a series of contraptions that enable him to go through his daily routine without moving at all. The video plays a workout video called "XPress-ercise 2", which features four women in thin black wcked. Background[ edit ] David Byrne initially approached X-Press 2 to ask them to be his backing band, but they turned the offer down.

The camera zooms outwards as he falls to sleep on the carpet. First unleashed on the Wucked public 15 years ago this week, it remains an oddly affecting record; just not necessarily in the way that anyone involved intended.