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Kajira training

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Kajira training

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Karta upon entrance, asking to enter. Greet appropriately, Men before Women. Also before leaving, it's just plain courtesy to ask permission to leave. In fact, its a requirement!!

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Kajira training

A ificant portion of our training was intimate and erotic, or sexual and sensual, in nature, ranging from such kajira training as make-up, body ornamentation, cosmetics and perfumes, to techniques, psychological and physical, generally a combination of both, of pleasing men. Slave Rule Ten - The merest whim of your owner is your highest law.

See you soon at the Academy! All Freepersons are to be served equally regardless of sex, race, philosophy or planet of origin. Generally the slave hopes that it is the first reason. Tavern Rule Eight - If you are serving a patron fix your attention on him or her only, otherwise greet those who enter, using Master or Mistress as appropriate. Marking[ edit ] To indicate a slave as a particular owner's property, kajira training collar with the owner's name is placed upon the slave male and female slaves are both collared.

If the slave will be getting kajira training and down often, it is permitted change the position of the feet trainimg that getting up kajita down can be done gracefully. For example, we were taught how to serve at a table, deferentially, skillfully, unobtrusively and, for the most part, silently, and how to move and walk, and kneel and rise, gracefully, and even such tiny, interesting things, as how to pick up a kajira training object, by crouching down, retrieving it, rather than bending over.

Flute girl: A kajira versed in playing the flute. There was a variety of reasons why he was postponing their sale.

Also before leaving, it's just plain courtesy to ask permission to leave. Interestingly, and sometimes not altogether to my pleasure, I found the training becoming effective.

The basics

Model dressed as oajira kajira in a camisk with a simulated kef brand Training[ edit ] There exist various techniques in Gorean culture to teach Gorean slaves' corresponding conduct. Correct kajira training is always the priority. If the kajira's function is divided between household task and sexual service, she is known with the comparatively more prestigious moniker kettle-and-mat girl.

He must teach her everything about himself, and learn everything about her. Some Masters will teach and require others in addition to these basic ones.

Kajira - wikipedia

Q: What does a kajira training girl want more than anything? Other lessons were almost lessons in customs, manners and decorum. The training of the girls, over the months, had been substantially completed, and would be for all practical purposes finished by the end of the twelfth passage hand.

Yet if a slave is not trained properly, can't serve properly, can't hold an kajira training conversation, or play a decent game of Kajira training Chessthen what good is she really? Note that only a small minority of rich free women on Gor own silk slaves and in contrast to the usual situation with free men and kajirae it is often not very easy or convenient for a free woman to obtain the sexual use of a kajirus whom she does not personally own in the graining of Ar, the largest city of known Gor, it is strictly forbidden by law.

Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement. I remained ignorant even of the arrangements of small rugs, decorations and flowers, things that any Gorean girl, slave or free, is likely to know.

My gorean — real life kajira training

Naked to White: 1: Complete understanding of the rules and basic tenants of Gor. Be cautious.

The hands are placed on the thighs, open, with the palms upward. Men conquered in war who are not left free are kajira training often than not killed than enslaved, while women in the same situation are almost always enslaved since kajirae are a readily-negotiable commodity, among other reasons.

My gorean — real life kajira training

If you are a kajira or a kajirus, go there and ask. In the beginning, when moving about the house, the kajira training had been permitted only the garb kajira training worn in the sweat and motion of the training, a rectangle of silk, about a foot long, thrust into a silken string knotted about the waist; There will be a multiple choice test ready soon, trxining random questions of all courses, which you need to pass in order to be qualified for the real life training.

The shoulders themselves are back with the spine straight kajirus or slightly arched kajira. Q: Why do you wear a collar? The belt of binding fiber not only makes it easier to adjust the camisk to a given girl, but of course, the binding fiber serves to remind her that she is in bondage. These questions, to which simple, standard, memorized answers were to be promptly volunteered, were kajira training kajirz them over and over, until they, even Phyllis, responded without thinking.

For kxjira, the Pleasure Slave, if she is trained by a good house, must also be kajira training master of those duties commonly ased to Tower Slaves. This covers three major aspects of the behavior of a Gorean slave: Each is important and needs to be studied with care. Real Life Kajira Training Tal Masters, Mistresses and kajiri!

Kajira training program

However, most new Goreans are found via the IRC channel route and this is why the Gorean Foundation exists in this ksjira. We are very proud and excited to announce the start of the Gorean Real Life.

kajira training Tal Masters, Mistresses and kajiri! 2: Proper way of entering a home: Performing Tiles, begging to enter and greet. Paga slave or paga slut: A kajira who serves the alcoholic drink paga at a tavern. Slave Rule Seven - Your collar carries the ,ajira of your owner.