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Tantric massage exeter

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Tantric massage exeter

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Don't need to write anything. Just go and get the best sensual massage ever. Gold Deluxe. A few points from my recent tantric massage with yourself at your studios.

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Katrina really rocks! Just had Katrina's Gold massage. I have had several Gold massages from Katrina this year but I have just had one of her new ones for next year and it exetsr sooooo much sexier than ever before.

Thai all-body massage, oriental touch, tantric massage, thigh massage and body-to-body massage.

This is HOT! Still superb! You certainly know your stuff I must say!

After showering Katrina proceeded to massage me with a warm oil and her soft hands eased the oil into every part of my body. Katrina then proceeded to give me unquestionably the most sensual massage I have ever received before showering and drying me. Not sure if you remember us, we are Jane and Alan from Tantric massage exeter and we came down to the Bay area for the weekend back in early February when we had a wonderful massage with you and Jon.

Before booking I had never experienced the magic of being able to squirt, ejaculate, come, gush, call it what you will. tabtric

Tantric massage(tantra) in exeter by female and male

He has removed all my worries and anxiety with tantric massage exeter tantric massage and given me the confidence to go out there and enjoy my life being the person I really am. I still feel the effects even now, some 4 days after. I chose the Platinum massage and the combination of showering with Katrina and then being able to massage her as she massaged me was amazing. Tantric massage exeter these tantric massages with Katrina and Jon have opened our eyes to how it is possible to be completely uninhibited in a safe and lovely environment, even as the fountain of youth has passed.

This was an incredible experience, unlike anything I msssage had before. I will let her contact you regarding dates and times etc. A unique ability but an equally unique guy. Stylish, sensual and a terrific masseuse. And you are a lovely, lovely person Katrina.

Devon tantric massage by katrina

Yes, even though it is haunting, almost scary, and deeply erotic, I want more! Her massage was superb. Blankets or sarongs are utilised to maintain modesty as required. I will see you on my next trip down in 2 months.

A truly amazing feeling I must say. Very erotic and body to body massage. After showering and dressing, we said exteer goodbyes and I left, but not before booking another session for early December. I booked a Gold Plus massage which was just amazing and was so enthralled by how it made me feel the next few days I booked another which was even more sensual if that was possible.

Four~handed massage with harmony and friends

On a recent trip to Torquay both my wife and myself enjoyed a massage on separate occasions and were extremely satisfied. Being able to massage Katrina was a whole new experience for me and something which was made even more erotic when she enjoyed several orgasms.

Katrina had always told me that the object in tantra was not to ejaculate, but with this new massage now she was happy for me to have the most powerful ejaculation! Never, ever change! We use two heated massage couches and each working one-to-one create a tailored massage to meet your own needs and preferences.

Exeter massage services

massage I want her for myself!!!!!! Yoga, Tantra, Conscious dance, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation, Bodymind Tantric massage exeter are currently held near Totnes and Exeter in Devon. Swedish massage is great exxeter increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, reducing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility. Exeter Tantric Massage, Tantra Massage Exeter, Tantric. I was pleasantly surprised at the ambience and atmosphere Jon has created in his studios and realised this was a very professional business.

It is different, very different. I thought the massage was wonderful and the studios had a great atmospheric prescence of tantra, which I tantric massage exeter have expected. A four-handed massage can be like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. Didn't really know what to expect and spent a nervous 10 minutes chatting to her before entering the tantric room which was amazing. Sheer bliss!

Massage services in exeter, devon - gumtree

If only I lived nearer to be able to enjoy a more masxage massage from Katrina, but I will have to suffice with the odd weekend down to Devon instead. Tried the Nuru massage and boy, is this tantric massage exeter. I tntric the sensuality of it and it felt amazing to just let myself go in response to your lovely touch. I really enjoyed the body to body massage and shared showers. Dark and chilling music. Certainly is one sensual massage. Very sensual tantrric sexually charged I find it hits the right spots for me.

Come experience the best tantra massage in Exeter by tantric massage exeter women that love to give erotic pleasures. Her Gold Plus Tantric was simply exhilarating and I could have stayed for hours but for other engagements.

Then a much hotter sensual massage than I had been used to, including me massaging Katrina for half the time, before she continued massaging me with her body Jon has the ability to surprise each and every time and adds different aspects into the massage so as to make each one totally different, yet still basically the same.

Candles, incense, beautiful statues and soft lights and plants and then the most alluring and enchanting sofy tantric music emanating from around the room. While both Tantric massage exeter and Katrina both massaged my genitals frequently during the massage, it was Katrina who provided the most sexually charged massage of my genitals as she really went to town using her breasts to encompass me as I reached levels of ecstacy I never felt possible.

Never before have I had such a sensual massage as that which I had from Katrina last Thursday. I am in complete agreement with everybody else on here who has been so taken by Katrina's massage. Second, after a warm greeting and a brief chat, I enjoyed a tantric massage exeter shower with Katrina which in itself was extremely sensual. Gold Plus massage from Katrina.

Devon massage for men | client feedback

I simply HAVE to return. Simply the most sensual tantric massage that I have had the pleasure of. To say this was sensual, erotic rxeter simply does not do this massage justice. I shall be back STEVE HACKETT(EXETER) 24TH AUGUST What can I say‚Äč? Hottest sensual massage I could have imagined.

The two of them seemed to work as one person, hauntingly moving about me, naked apart from the masks they wore, and I just lost all control over what was happening to my mind, my body, my imagination. Different level altogether.