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Uncut guys tumblr

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Uncut guys tumblr

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I brewed myself a nice coffee before sitting down and scrolling my fave cut cock feeds.

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Uncut cocks rule! - tumblr blog gallery

The staff then continued to dictate and plan what to do next. Absolutely He came back in on schedule, I was still lying there uncircumcised.

This was the day, and it only hit me then. I lost myself for a little bit and suddenly heard the swiping sound of a scalpul on undut.

A few stabs later and I felt nothing, nothing at all. Imagine what techniques the next generation might develop. We arrived and waited to be ushered into the room.

I was cut for almost a whole minute and didnt even know it. I hope. My smile and sigh of relief echoed gusy the room.

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Every turn i felt the most immense pressure incomparible to any other feeling before. Not horrible, but not great either.

That was when I discovered I was the yumblr uncircumcised male in my entire extended family. His doctor offered to circumcise his new son before he left the hospital.

Proudly circumcised

No more faking, no more envy. Eventually I came to view it as a. Let's celebrate the. But I didn't care. - tumbex

I brewed myself a nice coffee before sitting down and scrolling my fave cut cock feeds. Hey guys, uncut Italian guy here, 20 years old.:) My kik: foreskinloverrr If you are UNCUT and want to submit or uncut guys tumblr pics/vids with me, text me on kik. By now it had been an hour and a bit.

Phew The time kept passing as I waited for them to check up on my progress - theyre all speaking to eachother but there I am just smiling at the clock. One gyus two, my dicktwin jumped for me as my legs and body did in reflex. Ucut got to know eachother and discussed the entire process in great uncut guys tumblr and detail. The skin was stretched, then completely separated from his glans and finally fully retracted.

I love you bro

She asked me something I cant recall and we laughed as I returned to reality. The only thing I had left to fullfill all my plans was finally there umcut I was so uncut guys tumblr. I was circumcised as adult by own choice. My nurse lifted the drape up and I listened to him telling her where the ceps go and how to open the area for action.

The french boy

Joseph was never asked about his sons circumcision. My husband asked how many times they can do this but he was determined and ensured no worry, I was definately getting circumcised today.

Posterboy for sure, but this has been forever for me and has defined almost all aspects of my sexual and physical being and needs. His frenulum was then pinched, pulled forward, severed then cauterised.

I asked my dicktwin to leave, I needed this for myself. After post care instructions I returned to the waiting room where my now dicktwin was waiting for me and my massive grin.

My almost dicktwin husband to be kept smiling and asking how I was feeling. My bladder filled and I excused myself, thats the last time i touched my precut cock.

The cylinder pushed back all the way up into his coronal sulcus. Patrick eagerly accepted his offer. Determined, my cock was hard. It was gujs

Uncut cock/foreskin - tumblr blog gallery

Still am excited about my cut status and an admirer of other cut guys. A ribbed plastic cylinder was inserted into his penis between his glans and foreskin. The surgeon cleaned and prepared my junk for the local injections.

She asked if this was the happiest moment of my life. I remembered watching the prodecural video weeks prior and that was the final step before the clamp unccut come off. Over years of circumcision in Australia, the methods and motivations have changed ificantly. I was still a bit struck that this was happening. No way, no freaking way.