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Whats in the canister

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Whats in the canister

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So essentially he entered my office as somewhat of a mystery. The gas cloud deals 15 points of damage every half-second 30 points of damage per secondregardless of the Operator's Armor and Speed rating. He's measured and understands calculated risks.

“Alexa, ask Smokes Canister what's inside.” “​Alexa You will ask smoke and Alexa will tell you what the fellow operators say. What's in the canister? Can be narcissistic. Gas Grenades can be detonated anywhere at any time. While he has been reprimanded for breaking rules, his superiors quickly recognized both his innovation and strategic perspective.

Strategies The Gas Grenades' light throwing profile means that they can be thrown quick and far, allowing them to be easily tossed and detonated in a firefight.

I think we finally know what’s in the canister : rainbow6

During his gap year, Porter was uninterested in pursuing a formal university education. I reviewed his files and found that his "aloofness" occurs during high-intensity situations.

The exception is his adopted daughter. Descriptions such as thrill-seeker and fearless seem tthe to me, however. He would only share one photo of her. smokes canister

He was then encouraged to the SAS. Porter prefers to acquire knowledge and skills, such as language and music, in his own way and does not excel in a formal training capacity. Psychological Report It's important for me to not have any preconceived expectations before a face-to-face with any specialist. Smokes Canister. The gas cloud primarily spre parallel to the surface that the grenade is attached to.

What's in the canister? essential t-shirt

I've never seen an infant surrounded by so much dangerous paraphernalia, but Porter assures me she is now in high school, excelling within the system he himself was unable to comprehend. This reduction in movement speed canster increases his Gas Grenades' effectiveness as the victims struggle to escape from the gas cloud further.

Smoke from rainbow six siege. Attackers under the effects of Finka's Adrenal Thw will take double the damage 60 points of damage per second from the gas cloud. Flourishing from his break from formal studies, he quickly developed his skills in chemistry, biology, and math. I'm only mucking about, relax.

What's in the canister? art print

Just your everyday smooth, comfy tee. Even after the whwts cloud is dissipated the cloud will linger for a couple seconds after and only obscure minimal vision. Encouraged by faculty and his parents, he was able to follow an unorthodox manner of education through tutors, home-schooling, and field science. There's more nuance to Porter than that.

Smokes canister

Counters Due to Smoke's Gas Grenades utilizing a remote control to detonate, it is susceptible to the same disadvantages as other electronic gadgets. However, he seems to enjoy the havoc and chaos of war. It's likely not detachment, but focus. Follow Reddiquette at all times Only submit links and posts relevant to Rainbow Six Before asking a question, check the FAQ or use the search Check the new before posting to avoid duplicates Be respectful and welcoming to new members and fans of different Rainbow Six games Please DO NOT Post content with no relation to Rainbow Six No tbe macros or assets photoshopped on top of other media Downvote because you dislike or disagree Engage in Platform Elitism or anti-platform whats in the canister Flame, troll, or wyats hateful language racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

Buy 'What's whats in the canister the canister?' by Tristan Roleff as a Acrylic Block, Art Print, Bath Mat, Throw Blanket, Canvas Mounted Print, Canvas Print, Classic T-Shirt, Clock,​.

Smoke | rainbow six wiki | fandom

He enjoys acquiring experiences and once he's mastered them, moves on. Gas Grenades are thrown by Smoke and stick onto surfaces they touch.

Porter is popular among his teammates whats in the canister considered valuable despite some recklessness. Though the rigidity of army rules wasn't always a good fit, it was offset by the diverse range of training and experiences army life gave him. This skill contains dynamic content, which is content that is updated real-time based on inputs from the developer. Product information. He tends to have an odd sense of humor in stressful situations.

What's in the canister?!!? :: tom clancy's rainbow six siege general discussions

As for what's in the canister, it's best you don't ask. The cloud will not spread perpendicularly, and will not spread to areas behind it. A gas cloud can down an Operator at full health in just over three seconds. Thatcher is able to take out any Gas Grenade that has yet to detonate.

Gas Grenades have a light throwing profile similar to Impact Grenades. Smoke is the only Operator immune to the gas cloud; all other characters, including Attackers, Defenders, the Hostageand White Maskswill take damage inside the gas cloud. Porter, I think, is master his mind to stay on task and filter out dangerous distractions.

He is fearless in battle and can be a great asset for defensive maneuvers.