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Worsley lancashire

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Worsley lancashire

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The township includes four other villages or hamlets; contains W. Acres, 6, Houses, 2,

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The hall is said to have been moated, but no s of a moat now remain.

The railway line follows along the top of an embankment, from which fields can be seen to the right and a little further on a golf course on the right. Inworsley lancashire branch line, the Rowe Green loopline was opened to Bolton via Little Hulton to serve the surrounding collieries. Worsley chapelry was made ecclesiastically parochial in The arrangement of the great hall followed the usual type.

The room east of the gatehouse upstairs is said to have been a chapel, but there appears to be no worsley lancashire evidence for this, and the building itself at the present time offers none. Continue on underneath a green metal worsley lancashire and past the toilets, with the footbridge that was walked over at the start of the walk now directly ahead. Go through the fence and continue ahead, then down some wooden steps that meet another path.

Worsley, lancashire - genealogy heraldry and history

The roofs are covered with stone slates. The only of that now is the top of a factory worsley lancashire at the edge of the green space, the only monument to the Duke of Bridgewater who built the canal system. Henry de Worsley was twice married, and left two sons, Richard and Robert; the latter, by the second wife, fn. Acres, 6, The fireplace in the upper hall, however, has its old stone arch reinstated after having been repaired.

At the north-west end of the hall is the staircase occupying a projecting bay in the south-west angle of the courtyard, and beyond this a corridor giving access to the rooms in the western wing. worsley lancashire

At the beginning of last century lancasyire baron were held at Easter and Michaelmas. It's. Tugs and barges carried materials to and worsley lancashire the yard, which was the workshop and supply base of Worsley mining, canal cutting and boat building industries.

Turn right on to this path ignoring the steps which go up opposite. Historical Description. The village stands on the Bridgewater. WORSLEY, a village, a township, a chapelry, worsley lancashire a sub-district, in Eccles parish, Barton-upon-Irwell district, Lancashire. The line here helped to establish the link between the Manchester to Liverpool main line, and the west-coast route that connected London to Glasgow.

The services were unknown. The ground is now levelled right up to the building.

Worsley - wikipedia

worsley lancashire Worsley, a village, a township, andjan ecclesiastical parish​, in Eccles parish, Lancashire. The whole district was in a state of religious and educational destitution; there was no one to see to the spiritual wants of the people, and teaching was all but nullity itself. Beyond the fireplace at the west end to the right of the high table was the bay window with a projection and width of about 10 ft.

To worsley lancashire the workers needed for these industries the Duke built extra housing and cottages. Sir John was the son of Hugh Massey of Tatton, who died aboutand by his elder brother's death succeeded to the paternal estates. The only two living-rooms were those now called the boudoir and the dining-room; the lower part of the hall was a washhouse, and its upper part divided into several rooms, and the minstrels' gallery used as a dovecote.

Worsley - the fight to retain the unique heritage of this canal-side community

The village stands on the Bridgwater Canal, and. The church is recent, and in the decorated English style; and has a lofty worsley lancashire. Plan of Wardley Hall The house is of two stories throughout, and the entrance is under a gatehouse on the north side of the quadrangle.

Worsley may seem the least glamorous but in the north west it's one of those '​leafy villages' close to Manchester which people aspire to live in. In the upper room over the kitchen there is a roof similar in style to that over the great hall. She married Richard de Parr, and in a further settlement was made, Oliver being their eldest son. James Brindley was brought in for his technical expertise worsley lancashire suggested varying the route of the proposed canal away from Salford and across the Irwell into Manchester.

The barge was pulled by two grey worsley lancashire, one of which became so perturbed by the cheering crowds that it jumped in to the canal.

worsley lancashire The Hall was built inafter des by Blore; is in a florid variety of the Tudor style; was visited, by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert inby the Queen again, inby the Prince of Wales, in ; and commands an extensive view. The carved oak panels which were brought from Hulme Hall, Manchester, at the time of its demolition, to Worsley Old Hall, have been removed to the new mansion and are now in Lady Ellesmere's sittingroom.

The lodge was worsley lancashire by damming Kempnough Brook to enable the Duke to fish.

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Worsley Delph in The gatehouse was formerly approached over a bridge, and is so shown in Philips's view of the house made aboutfn. Richard Brereton later married Dorothy Egerton, lxncashire upon his death the estates passed into the Egerton family. This part of the house has been entirely modernized, what was probably the buttery being now a gun-room, and the passage to the kitchen now leading to a modern drawing-room and lancashiee.

The hall is now the residence of Viscount Brackley. View from the footbrodge Continue worsley lancashire past the information board and the City of Salford black lamppost and cross over worsley lancashire wooden footbridge which le down to the aforementioned island.

Townships: worsley

From this a road branches worsley lancashire to go west through Worsley to Boothstown and Astley, and this lanxashire southerly branches from Swinton and Worsley to Eccles. Scrope, the son of the third earl, was created Duke of Bridgewater in The Duke and his estate manager obtained an Act of Parliament empowering them to begin construction [21] on a planned route directly to Salford, avoiding the River Irwell.

The towpath along the canal le now all the way back to the start of the walk. Over the gatehouse was formerly the datewhich though usually taken to indicate some alteration or addition to the building, probably refers to the year of lanashire erection of the gatehouse, or at any rate to its facing in brick.

Autumn local food shops and producers near worsley, lancashire - big barn

For about twenty years before this time the house was unoccupied, with the exception of the east worsley lancashire, which had been made into three cottages, tenanted by colliers. The timber construction is continued round the gable at the east side. Swinton has now grown into a small town, lying on the road from Manchester to Wigan; to the north and northeast are Newton and Hope Mill; to the south-east Deans and Worsley lancashire Green; to the south Moorside, Sindsley, Broad Oak, and Dales Brow; Little Houghton, in the same quarter, has now disappeared from the maps; Drywood and Westwood occupy the south-west corner.

Wardley Hall: The Gateway The house was formerly surrounded by a moat, but of this only a portion remains on the west side, where it has been formed into a small lake, adding greatly to the picturesqueness of the building. The Bridgewater Estate Offices are at Walkden.

Autumn local food shops and producers near worsley, lancashire

Three sides of the courtyard are of timber on a stone base, the north or gatehouse side only being of brick. The principal entrance to the worsley lancashire from the courtyard had been built up and a later one made on the west side near to the staircase bay.

The roof is divided by two principals into three bays, and is of a plain king-post type with curved and moulded pieces underneath the tie beam.